Our friendly holiday meals are designed to spend as little time in the kitchen and make the most of rejoicing with your guests. In addition, our menus are tailored for your small and large receptions with or without service personnel. Everything for a delicious holiday season! Book your meal today!

Traditional christmas diner

Firts course (chose one)

Shrimp mousse with lemon and dill
Red pepper and feta mousse
Plate of fine cheeses (brie double cream, Oka and cheddar) accompanied by dried fruits
Marinated olives
Home made croutons

Main dish

Roast turkey with its juice, traditional farce
Traditional tourtière
Pork leg and meatballs stew
Mashed Yukon gold
Roasted root vegetables
Spice Sauce
Cranberry Chutney


Red Velvet Log
Choco-caramel log

$35 per person*

* Orders for 6 people minimum. Taxes and delivery not included.



Millefeuille of zucchini, sweet peppers and tomatoes with ricotta and basil, crispy leeks, red pepper vinaigrette
Millefeuille of seafood with zested lobster bisque gelly, orange emulsion  


Duck confit aumonière with caramelized onions, cabernet sauce and seasonal vegetable bouquet
Filet of sole stuffed with salmon mousse, basmati rice with herbs, leeks and fennel, white wine sauce with dill  


Chocolate and pecans decadent cake, caramel sauce with fleur de sel
Red Velvet Log *
Choco-caramel log * 

38 $ per perso*

* Orders for 6 people minimum. Taxes and delivery not included.


Firts course (chose one)

Softness poultry farmer, cromesquis foie gras, port sauce and pepper grissini
Charlotte snow crab in orange shredded fennel with anise and crispy leeks

Main dish (chose one)

Beef cheek confit way Wellington, roasted roots, red wine and balsamic sauce
Aumônière lobster with leeks and fennel, bouquet of bright vegetables, lobster sauce with orange

Cheese and green

Migneron cheese, from Charlevoix, fried grapes and arugula hazelnut, Grillette virgin oil

Dessert (chose one)

Log Mont-Blanc: Joconde biscuit, chestnut mousse and light meringue, butterscotch sauce
Downright decadent: dark chocolate biscuit, chocolate mousse, caramel, roasted pecans, custard
Log raspberries and mascarpone sauce with its scarlet coulis

$55 per person*
*Minimum order is set at 6 persons, additional charge for groups under 6 persons.  Taxes, drinks and service, catering equipment and freight not included.