Classic Buffet

Vegetable and dip platter
Cheddar and fresh grapes
Marinated olives
Homemade chips
Red peppers and feta mousse
Homemade croutons


Egg and chive cocktail sandwich
Duck confit miniature sandwich with grilled sesame and coriander
Chicken and basil cocktail sandwich


Macaroni salad with ham and cheddar
Carrot salad with raisins and cider vinaigrette


Chocolate mousse cake

$ 25 * / PERSON

Minimum order 12 persons; additional charge for groups under 12 persons. Taxes not included. Not included: beverages, staff and delivery charges.
Exciting, fun, delicious and perfect for all your events!

Salty stations

PASTA STATION: Penne and linguine, tomato and basil sauce, rosé sauce, basil pesto, Italian sausages, assorted grilled vegetables and Parmesan cheese. Only for 50 person and more.

SALAD BAR STATION: Assortment of vegetables, lettuce and salad dressings in bulk. Only for 50 person and more.

BUBBES STATION: Variety of bubble verrines in declination of colors and flavors (salted panna cotta, grilled pepper mousseline, tomato salsa, guacamole of green peas and toppings).

CHEESE DIP STATION: Variety of cream cheese spreads with grilled baguette bread and raw vegetables.

STATION GRILL: Skewers of poultry with orange and ginger, skewers of pork with BBQ sauce, skewers of balsamic beef and skewers of grilled vegetables.

CEVICHE STATION: 3 varieties of ceviches seasoned to the minute and served in verrine or in a citrus dug choice. Princess scallop ceviche served in shell available.

FRENCH PANCAKE STATION (SALTY): Pancakes with choice of toppings (ham, cheese, mushrooms,  peppers, candied tomatoes, béchamel).

CROSTINIS STATION : Country terrine, salmon rillettes, chicken liver mousse and basil tomato salsa on homemade croutons.

CULTURE IN POTS STATION: Layers of salads and crudités in verrines (ex: salad of corn, tomato and guacamole, salad of red beet, yellow and celery, salad of fennel, radicchio and orange).

OYSTER STATION: Fresh oysters with basic condiments (shallot, tabasco and lemon vinaigrette) or special condiments of your choice.

DUMPLING STATION: Dumpling of pork, shrimps and shiitakes with assorted sauces (satay, sweet and sour).

EMPANADILLAS STATION: Spanish empanadillas stuffed with beef and served with yogurt sauce and tomato salsa.

FOIE GRAS STATION: Assortment of foie gras, au torchon with fig chutney, popsicle with a balsamic center and roasted nuts, foie gras crème brûlée and fois gras panna cotta with pears poached in port and gingerbread.

SALTED FONDUE STATION: Caquelon with cheese fondue, bread, cold meats, and pickled vegetables.

CHEESE AND CHARCUTERIES STATION: Assortment of cheeses and cold meats. Varieties of breads and croutons, terrine, dried fruits, olives and pickles.

GRANDMA STATION: Mason jars with assorted parmentiers or braised meat and poultry (eg: duck confit with sweet potatoes, braised beef wiht Yukon Gold, etc.).

GRILLED CHEESE STATION: Classic grilled cheese sandwich and grilled cheese with bacon or ham, grilled with an iron. Variety of cheeses and toppings available.

GYROS STATION: Pork or grilled chicken served in a pita bread, garnished by the guests of tomatoes, onion and tzatzíki sauce.

LOLLIPOP STATION: Varieties of salty lollipops made from fruit and cheese with walnut garnishes and fresh herbs.

MEXICAN STATION: Choice of Mexican dishes such as nacho, tacos, fajitas quesadillas and chili, served with all condiments.

PAELLA STATION: The classic recipe of paella, made with mussels, shrimp, squid, chorizo ​​and chicken, served in a large paella pan.

POKE BOWL STATION: Variety of pickled raw fish and / or Sichuan beef, accompanied with a variety of vegetables, rice and sauces.

POPCORN STATION: Fresh popcorn popcorn with seasonings of your choice (cheese, BBQ, sea salt, etc.).

STATION POUTINE: Variety of poutine (ex: regular poutine, duck confit poutine with BBQ sauce, smoked meat poutine with pied de vent cheese)

RAMEN STATION: Authentic Japanese noodles served with bouillon seasoned with miso and soy sauce. Choice of toppings (meat, seafood, vegetables).

STATION SAUSAGES & POLPETTES: Variety of sausages and meatballs with assortment of flavored mustards and / or sauces.

SNACK BAR STATION: Smoked meat, hot dog, burger, pogo, homemade chips, french fries and / or poutine.

STATION TARTARE: Tartars of salmon, duck, tuna and / or beef prepared and seasoned in front of the guests. Served on croutons, verrines and / or cornet.

WONTON STATION: Chinese ravioli served in a chicken broth with lemongrass and ginger, garnished with fried noodles and green onions.

YAKISOBA STATION: Chinese Yakisoba with vegetables and poultry aiguillette (shrimp, pork confit, duck or beef available) served in a Chinese box.

Sweet stations

DONUTS STATION: Homemade donuts with toppings like icing sugar, caramel, chocolate, nuts.

CHURROS STATION: Homemade Spanish donuts with chocolate dip.

CAKE CUP STATION: Assortment of homemade cupcake.